Restoration of an old MiG-29 kit


Today we will gonna look at my restoration project, an old kit of MiG-29 model 1:72 (Italeri made, I think). This is how it looked when it arrived to me:

First steps where to cleanup the surface with IPA.

The clear parts (canopy) was sanded then polished with Tamiya products.

I have rejoint some week glued parts and filled some gaps, painted the interior and closed the canopy. The pitot tube was missing, I replaced it with a hypodermic needle.

Next step was to unify the surface with primer, I used Mr Surfacer Gray 1500.

Next was the preshading with matt black.

For paint scheme I choose the Romanian AF MiG 29, number 50.

It was a first restoration project for me, nice experience.

Now you can enjoy the pictures of the final result: