MiG 21 PFM

This kit was produced by Romanian brand Hobby Park. It is, as technology used, as old as the plane it’s self 🙂 – so I have to modify a lot, to sand a lot, fill gaps modify parts, etc. … a lot of patience needed to finish it.

About the plane: it is the T34 of aviation, the most-produced supersonic aircraft of all times. You could find a lot of information’s about it on the internet, so I don’t bother you with technicalities. The Romanian Air Force ordered it from Soviet Union in the late sixties, but didn’t receive it until early seventies, due to some political misunderstandings. Some say that it was because Romania condemned the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, some that Soviet Union needed convertible currency and sold the planes designated for Romanian Air Force for USD (Romania will buy the planes in Rubles – the convertible currency of Warsaw Pact).

The model is decorated with 1950 – 1984 markings of the Romanian Air Force.