Author: Catalin Oprea

  • Restoration of an old MiG-29 kit


    Today we will gonna look at my restoration project, an old kit of MiG-29 model 1:72 (Italeri made, I think). This is how it looked when it arrived to me: First steps where to cleanup the surface with IPA. The clear parts (canopy) was sanded then polished with Tamiya products. I have rejoint some week […]

  • Corsair F4U-F 1:72 scale – Full build

    This Revell kit was sitting in my stash for a while and it was time to build it. The plastic sprues are typical Revell, not extraordinary, but with enough details that can be enjoyable after all.

  • Italeri MiG-21 in 1/72 scale

    This time a better kit made it to my “workbench” (better than the romanian Hobby Park MiG-21). The plane was the most produced figher jet of all times, in his peak production period was cheaper to make than the BMP-1 Video and pictures bellow

  • Airfix Cromwell Mk.IV Cruiser Tank in 1:76 scale

    I have build this kit some time ago, it was fun and easy. The result is bellow:

  • Panzer IV ausf. D – step by step

    Model kit of Panzer IV ausf. D was produced by Tamiya, in 1:35 scale. The mold is made in the seventies, but I didn’t encounter many problems with assembling. The kit is containing 3 figurines, also, which is nice, it adds some life to it.

  • MiG 21 PFM

    This kit was produced by Romanian brand Hobby Park. It is, as technology used, as old as the plane it’s self 🙂 – so I have to modify a lot, to sand a lot, fill gaps modify parts, etc. … a lot of patience needed to finish it.

  • Sho’t Kal Alef

    It was a little difficult to build this model tank. It was a customized version of British Centurion Mk 5 for IDF needs.

  • T34/85 – Romanian variant – scale 1:72

    Like the Panther earlier, it was a nice kit to build (it comes from Zvezda, too). The little soldiers are from Zvezda, too.

  • Academy AH64 (IAF) – 1:72 scale

    On this model I tried a new type of paints (Hataka lacquer paints). It wasn’t a immediate success, but I’m still learning. The model was painted in IAF cammo.

  • Zvezda Panzer V (Panther) Ausf D

    This was a fun kit to assembly and paint, I had little trouble on the tracks, but the rest of it was pretty okay. About Panzer V (Panther) ausf D: It was participated in the battle for Kursk (although is D variant, was the first operational of it’s type, A variant was a later one). […]

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