Children People

Train obsession

Test with my new lenses (Lensbaby Composer) – Thanks to my friends who made me this present 🙂

Misc People Street

He’s waiting …

He's waiting ...
Waiting for more than 20 seconds … 🙂

Misc People

Light gaming

Flame throw

Light ball

Matrix like movement

Smoking circle

Starring: Pepis and Octav | Canon 40D /w Tamron 28-75mm lenses

Children People

David’s playground ( aka Lace … what is it good for? )

David's playground

Canon 40D | EF70-200 F/2.8L @ 70mm | 1/250s | F/2.8 | ISO 200 | Fill flash | Handheld

Wild life

The Grand Escape

Watch you back, 3rd episode

3rd and last episode: The grand escape.
* No animal was harmed in this shooting (the cat wanted only to play, lucky mouse).