Canon 40D | Tamron 11-18mm @ 18mm | 1/125s | f/16 | ISO 400 | Handheld

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  1. cornel %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p #

    imi place cum surprinzi esentialul dintr-o clipita…vorba lui Roland Barthes-fotografia este un certificat de prezenta

  2. Ilan %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p #

    I love the way it looks like there is a light coming from the roof of that church (?)
    Nicely done. I think some more saturation can make the photo look more lively.

  3. Catalin Oprea %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p #

    The light is coming from the roof / tower of that church indeed. Thanks for the advice, I’ll test it ;).